Meet our Expert Stylist

Inspiration to pursue a career in hair and makeup came at a young age for Justina Brittain. She began experimenting with hair and playing with makeup as a creative outlet and desire for beauty. Realizing her talents, she continued the development of her craft as a Licensed Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist, Barber, Nail Tech and Wardrobe Specialist. During her career Justina has gained notoriety for her ability to maximize desired results in head shot photography, green screen, commercial and fashion, films, pageant and event productions. She has also had the pleasure to work with known names visiting Las Vegas as well as the up and coming. In 2009, Justina took a short hiatus from the industry and lived life away from the mainstream to research techniques to prevent her clients from exposure to the health dangers in the beauty industry. The experience is one of the highlights of her life as it brought awareness to the importance of knowing more than just how to create beauty in her craft.

Justina Brittain

Currently lives in Seattle, WA and is available for travel to Los Angeles.

Expression of Excellence

I am a one-stop-shop providing services including manicures, hair, makeup, lashes, cuts and shaves. As a licensed cosmetologist and barber, I specialize in the highest level of quality and sanitation available. I have extensive experience in the areas of video, high definition, model and head shot photography, green screen, commercial and fashion, film, pageant and event production. I have great references! As a licensed professional, I can address all the details needed to produce the best results. I can ensure your talent is both beautiful and safe.


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